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BBB A+ Licensed & Insured Electrical Contractor in New Hampshire

Special offers for electrical services by Dalpe Electric. Services available in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Portable generator

Portable generator "Turn Key Installation“

Deal includes:

  • 7500 watt generator with electric and pull start, delivery, assembly and startup.
  • Exterior 30 amp generator receptacle with 20 foot generator cord.
  • 30 amp generator breaker with whole house transfer interlock device and “power restore alarm” (to notify you when utility power is restored to your home).

***Average price $2,450.00, print this deal and present it at time of payment to receive $75.00 off your bill.

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Automatic Generator

14 KW Kohler Automatic Generator

Deal includes:

  • Install ATS switch (Automatic Transfer Switch).
  • Rewire service entrance wiring from electrical meter to ATS switch and back to main electrical panel.
  • Provide low voltage wiring from ATS switch to generator.
  • Provide charging circuit to generator with external switch.
  • Provide generator power wiring from generator to ATS switch with external switch.
  • Provide a 8 ft. driven ground rod bonded back to generator.
  • Electrical permit included
  • Start up generator, register warranty and program.
  • Gas fitting/Plumbing and if necessary gas tank is the responsibility of homeowner.
  • Install a load shed assembly.

***Average price $9,250.00, print this deal and present it at time of payment to receive $150.00 off your bill.

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Electrical panel upgrade

Electrical panel upgrade

Deal includes:

  • Upgrade service from 100 amp overhead to 200 amp including service entrance wiring and new meter socket.
  • Install new 200 amp 40 circuit panel.
  • Install all new breakers.
  • Install two 8 ft. driven ground rods bonded back to electrical system.
  • Install a bonded exterior communications block for phone/cable TV providers.
  • Bond cold water piping system back to main electrical panel.
  • Install a GFCI protected receptacle at the main electrical panelboard.
  • Label electrical panel directory.

***Average price $1,985.00, print this deal and present it at time of payment to receive $75.00 off your bill.

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Whole house surge protector

Whole house surge protector

Install a whole house surge protector at the main electrical panel.

Whole house electrical inspection; Deal Includes:

  • Inspection includes examination of system grounding and bonding.
  • Inspect electrical panel for proper function, wire and breaker integrity and possible code violations.
  • Test receptacle and switch integrity, proper function and polarity.
  • Inspect and test all GFCI and AFCI devices for proper operation and correct placement.
  • Inspect and test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and correct placement.

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