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Ceiling Fan Installation

celing fan installationCeiling Fans Save Energy

Ceiling fans save you energy in both summer and winter. In summer, running a ceiling fan creates “wind-chill” on your skin. If run counter-clockwise (to avoid pulling warm air down from the ceiling), it lowers the temperature for occupants by one or two degrees.

These degrees can be “bought” for less energy than with an air conditioner. And, of course, as the fan cools you rather than the air, it need only be run when you’re in the room.

In the winter, if you reverse the direction so that the blades spin clockwise, the fan will pull warm air from the ceiling down into the room, again, creating savings on your energy bills. Changing the direction of spin is a matter of pushing a button.

Electrical ServicemanCeiling fans come with lights and without, and add value and comfort to your home or business. Call or email us today to schedule an appointment.

Want to save even more energy with a dimmer switch or fan speed controls? Talk to our master electricians for all the options available to you.

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